“….From the very first training event, it was evident thatDee excels as a trainer.  She is always well prepared and is highly knowledgeable in the topics she presents and she brings a sense of fun to her training sessions.  Her flexibility and responsiveness to the teachers she is working with provide wonderful “teaching moments”, when the conversation gets off-topic, yet still stays within the realm of early childhood.  She has proven to be a mentor and guide and “resident know-it-all”.  When she works with a group, she is warm, inclusive and supportive, which has proven to be a successful approach.

Our administrative team has also gained a great deal from working with Dee, as well. She has become a partner in this endeavor and is helping us guide the progress of this project.  Her depth of knowledge and great sense of humor make Dee a joy to work with.

We feel Dee and Teaching Moments would be a great addition to any early childhood program that is interested in improving or just keeping up with ‘best practices’.  Whether she provides a single training event on a broader project, as she has with us, she provides a wonderful resource”.

Ginger Durdan-Shaw, Owner/The Children’s Garden 


“……I first became acquainted with Dee when I attended training conducted by her on the topic of Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I attended with a co-worker and we found her to be extremely knowledgeable in her topic, as well as in other areas of child development. We were very excited about the high quality of training we had received, as well as how Dee interacted with her audience, and decided that she was a resource we wanted for the staff at our own agency.

We contracted with Dee to attend and train at our staff pre-service. She taught on Sensory Integration Dysfunction, as well as Positive Guidance, Teaching Moments, Anxiety in Children, and How to Achieve Independence & Self Regulation in Early Childhood Education. Not only was the quality of the training all we expected, I was impressed by the way that Dee connected with the staff. She engaged them, interacted with them, and just seemed to be a bottomless well of information. Staff members were anxious to speak with her personally at every opportunity, and I must say that, after the first session of her training, Dee did not have a moment to herself until she drove away.

  I find Dee to be self-motivated and exceptionally skilled in early childhood development and education, as well as in working with adult learners. We have a staff of 66 employees, which includes every learning style imaginable.  Dee seemed to be able to reach and motivate everyone there.

In addition, in our experience with her,Dee exhibited time management, organizational skills, and good professional ethics. She took the initiative to investigate and become educated about our training needs and the skill levels of those she would be training and made sure there would be no unwelcome “surprises” about expectations on either side.

….. if you are fortunate enough to get her, I believe she will be a strong asset to your agency”.

Ginger Jederberg, Program Manager/Malhuer County Child Development Center Head Start Oregon Pre-K Program


“….. Teen Parent Program is one of the most therapeutic and efficient I have entered in my nearly 12 years working in early childhood education and mental health settings.  I hope that Dee can bring her knowledge, skills and energy to another setting. I have attended one of Dee’s trainings that she conducted for an in-home network and I was impressed with her ability to present rather complex information in a clear and engaging fashion”.

Shannon James, MSW/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant Morrison Child and Family Services


©2000-2012 Denise (Dee) Fultz/Teaching Moments, LLC ©/Teaching Moments, LLC™

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